Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 14, 2016

So long Leonard....

7:59am - 10:56am

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smitth / Suzanne Ciani; Steve Hauschildt; Kassem Mosse; Loscil; The Orb; Huerco S; Heiki; Tim Hecker; Biosphere; Roman Flugel;
Tor; Banco de Gaia; Quadra; Leonard Cohen; Nick Cave; Leonard Cohen & Eric Blood.

Track Listing:

a new day
kaitlyn aurelia smith / suzanne ciani · sunergy
steve hauschildt · strands
20 goto 10
beef terminal · 20 goto 10
molecular memories
kassem mosse · disclosure
black tusk
loscil · coast / range / arc
first, consider the lillies
the orb · chill out, world!
huerco s. · for those of you who have never
heiki · dub museum
violet monumental II
tim hecker · love streams
fall asleep for me
biosphere · departed glories
tense times
roman flugel · happiness is happening
tor · blue book
touching the void
banco de gaia · the magical sounds of banco de gaia
century man
quadra · based on a true story
sisters of mercy
leonard cohen · the essential leonard cohen
jesus alone
nick cave · skeleton tree
everybody knows
leonard cohen · the essential leonard cohen
the attic system
eric blood · lost in slow motion