Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 24, 2016

New Fond of Tigers, Carl Stone, Machine Drum, Tor and more

7:57am - 10:59am

Rapoon; Tim Hecker; Rapoon; A WInged Victory for the Sullen; Carl Stone; Tor; Valiska; Ian William Craig; Moritz von Oswald; Fond of Tigers; Dirty Inputs; Husky Rescue; Pugs and Crows / Tony Wilson; Pitch Black; Andy Stott; E.D. Swankz; Corinthian: Machine Drum; LAL; Gavin Froome; Pantha du Prince;
Trentemoller; & Doomsquad.

Track Listing:

this side of zero
rapoon · dark rivers
black phase
tim hecker · love streams
recurring (dream circle)
rapoon · waveform
atomos xi
a winged victory for the sullen · atomos
sudi mampir
carl stone · emt: explorer
two suns
tor · blue book
of water
valiska · healer
purpose (is no country)
ian william craig · centres
sounding lines pt. 7
moritz von oswald · sounding lines
heartwarmongering no. 4
fond of tigers · uninhabit
dead malls
dirty inputs · the runcible
sunrise in the mist
husky rescue · the long lost friend
under water
pugs and crows / tony wilson · everyone knows everyone
pitch black · electronomicon
andy stott · too many voices
e.d. swankz · blue light one
dirac sea
corinthian · eurozone ghost
angel speak
machine drum · human energy
lal · find safety
don't come home (original)
gavin froome · don't come home e.p.
you what? euphoria!
pantha du prince · the triad
trentemoller · fixion
pyramids on mars
doomsquad · total time