Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 26, 2016

New Ian William Craig, Automatisme, Off World, Ben Chatwin and more

7:56am - 10:58am

Spool; Piekoz; Ina William Craig; Telefuzz; Peter Broderick; Ben Chatwin; Automatisme; Off World; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Perfume Tree; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith / Suzanne Ciani; Ian William Craig; Valiska; Dalot; The Field; Dirty Inputs; Spool; Gold Panda; Wreckmeister Harmonies; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / Else Torp; Eric Blood & Pantha du Prince.

Track Listing:

remain calm
spool · spool saves the world
spool · s.t.
thinking sarah, susan
piekoz · narrativestructurez
an ocean only you could see
ian william craig · centres
coral cities
telefuzz · the financiers of samsara
peter broderick · partners
euclidean plane
ben chatwin · heat & entropy
automatisme · momentform accumulations
primitive streak
off world · 1
kaitlyn aurelia smith · ears
perfume tree · feeler
closed circuit
kaitlyn aurelia smith / suzanne ciani · sunergy
drifting to void on all sides
ian william craig · centres
dear's ridge
valiska · healer
dalot · mutogibito
soft streams
the field · the follower
inference cave
dirty inputs · the runcible
winter is coming
spool · spool III
in my car
gold panda · good luck and do your best
where have you been my lovely son?
wreckmeister harmonies · light falls
distant sky
nick cave and the bad seeds / Else Torp · skeleton tree
out of this way
erik blood · lost in slow motion
chasing vapour trails
pantha du prince · the triad