Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 12, 2016

Welcome back to school!

7:58am - 10:59am

Ian William Craig; Eternal Tapestry; Klaus Schulze / Pete Namlook; Joe Russo; Nightfall of Diamonds; Tim Hecker; Can; LTJ Bukem; DJ Food;
Nils Petter Molvaer / Moritz von Oswald; Eluvium; Dirty Inputs; Jerome Miniere; Moonchild; Omni Trio; Heiki; Kode 9 / Spaceape;
SInewave; Disposable Heroes of Hiphopcrisy; Pantha du Prince; Pitch Black; Telefuzz; DJ Shadow; The Avalanches & Doomsquad.

Track Listing:

the nearness
ian william craig · centres
lace fern
eternal tapestry · wild strawberries
the heart of our nearest star pt 3
klaus schulze / pete namlook · the dark side of the moog: vol 11
dark star
joe russo & friends · day of the dead
nightfall of diamonds
nightfall of diamonds · day of the dead
transitive refraction axis
tim hecker · day of the dead
can · soon over babaluma
deserted vaults
ltj bukem · journey inwards
the crow
dj food · kaleidoscope
step by step
nils petter molvaer / moritz von oswald · 1/1
fugue state
eluvium · false readings on
less talk more magic
dirty inputs · the runcible
un commencement de rage
jerome miniere · la nuit eclaire...
darkness dub
moochild · sonic sculptures e.p.
renegade snares
omni trio · muzik classics: drum & bass
future systems
heiki · dub museum
am i
kode 9 / the spaceape · hyperdub 10
star tripping
sinewave · unity gain
music and politics
disposable heroes of hiphopcrisy · hypocrisy is the greatest luxury
in an open space
pantha du prince · the triad
lost in translation
pitch black · ape to angel
sideshot jazzwalk
telefuzz · headlands
pitter patter
dj shadow · the mountain will fall
going home
the avalanches · wildflower
total time
doomsquad · collective insanity