Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 4, 2016

Rebroadcast of Show from 2013/07/08

7:58am - 10:53am

labradford; the plugz; mountains; bandini (morricone); soma; ennio morricine; valley of the giants; pan american; do make say think; ennio morricone;
radar bros; valley of the giants; fembots; mount florida; temporary sound museum; deadbeat; ennio morricone; michael brook; broken social scene; soma;
boundary; joshua van tassel; organ trail; boards of Canada; majbour & valley of the giants.

Track Listing:

labradford · mi media naranja
reel ten
the plugz · repo man (snd trck)
mountains · centralia
l'estasi dell oro
bandini (morricone) · ennio morricine remixes
the olmec enigma
soma · stygian vistas
man with a harmonica
ennio morricine · anthology
west world
valley of the giants · s.t.
virginia waveform
pan american · cloud room, glass room
a with living
do make say think · you, you're a history of rust
a fist full of dollars
ennio morricone · anthology
you and the father
radar bros · ...and the surrounding mountains
beyond the valley
valley of the giants · s.t.
broken and blue
fembots · small town murder scene
jamaica street
mount florida · arrived phoenix
giu la testa
temporary sound museum · ennio morricine remixes
lazy jane
deadbeat · eight
il ritorno di ringo
ennio morricone · anthology
michael brook · cobalt blue
broken social scene · bee hives
god sends the meat and the devil cooks it
soma · hollow earth
ghost writer
boundary · s.t.
the warmest heart
joshua van tassel · dream date
apple on every branch
organ trail · wagon train
reach for the dead
boards of canada · tomorrow's harvest
addio a cheyenne
majbour · ennio morricone remixes
waiting to catch a bullet
valley of the giants · s.t.