Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 20, 2016

Longest day of the year already - Oh man, really?

7:58am - 10:58am

Kyle Bobby Dunn; The Dead Texan; Eternal Tapestry; Tor; Secret Pyramid; the Dead Texan; Ryan Huber; Mountains; Mich Cota; Rapoon; Tim Hecker;
Tor; Julianna Barwick; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Brian Eno; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Andy Stott; Scanner; Dalot; Pantha Du Prince; Husky Rescue;
Ought; Zones & Programm.

Track Listing:

variation of a theme by...
kyle bobby dunn · and the infinite sadness
la ballade d'alain georges
the dead texan · s.t.
lace fern
eternal tapestry · wild strawberries
there can be no thought of finishing...
pan-american · white bird release
tor · blue book
secret pyramid · the silent march
when i see scissors...
the dead texan · s.t.
ryan huber · comoros
mountains · centralia
why try to love?
mich cota · sapphic
i shall not / boat of sky and stone
rapoon · stray
voice crack
tim hecker · love streams
tor · blue book
julianna barwick · will
port rowan
building castles out of matchsticks · n.a.
the hour is thin
brian eno · the ship
kaitlyn aurelia smith · ears
andy stott · too many voices
broken faultlines
scanner · rockets, unto the edges of edges
dalot · mutogibito
frau im mond, sterne laufen
pantha du prince · the triad
sunrise in the mist
husky rescue · the long lost friend
beautiful blue sky
ought · sun coming down
zones · after image
on that day
Programm · a torrid marriage of logic and emotion