Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 2, 2016

Happy belated May Day - New Tim Hecker, The field and more

7:58am - 10:55am

Max Richter, Rapoon, Tim Hecker, Kaitlin Aurelia Smith, Julianna Barwick, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Fatima al Qadiri, Rapoon, Ryan Huber, Corinthian, Tim Hecker, Spell, DOomsaquad, The Field, Zones, Husky Rescue, Tetrix, Moderat, Lal and Tricky.

Track Listing:

path 17 (before the ending of daylight)
max richter · sleep
rapoon · recurring (dream circle)
bol baya
rapoon · vernal crossing
black phase
tim hecker · love streams
kaitlin aurelia smith · ears
the harbringer
julianna barwick · nepenthe
ouverture de peter hodge transport
kyle bobby dunn · and the infinite sadness
fatima al qadiri · brute
we fell like rain
rapoon · the kirghiz light
ryan huber · rule from shadows
corinthian · kathryn keyron
music of the air
tim hecker · love streams
spell · lull
it's the nail that counts not the rope
doomsquad · total time
the follower
the field · the follower
zones · after image
restless feet
husky rescue · the long lost friend
stung by you
tetrix · 14
moderat · III
lal · find safety
sun down
tricky · adrian thaws