Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 15, 2016

February's Ambient ABC's

7:58am - 10:59am

Moss Harvest, Souns, 2562, Husky Rescue, Pye Corner Audio, Battles, Benoit Pioulard, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Jonsi & Alex, Esmerine,
Aidan Baker / Valerie Niederoest / Maude Oswald, Husky Rescue, Psychic Pollution, Moon, Corinthian, Slime, Francoiz Breut, Majical Cloudz,
Chelan, Pacific UV, Humans & Teen Daze.

Track Listing:

side a
moss harvest · iliac viscera
open face first
souns · ambient a
2562 · the new today
sunrise in the music
husky rescue · the long lost friend
before dawn
pye corner audio · prowler
summer simmer
battles · la di da di
plain chantcorinthian
benoit pioulard · noyaux
those satisfactions are permanent
kyle bobby dunn · ...and the infinite sadness
all the big trees
jonsi & alex · riceboy sleeps
slow fall
jeff greinke · timbral planes
a trick of the light
esmerine · lost voices
aidan baker / valerie niederoest / maude oswald · already drowning
husky rescue · the long lost friend
shark wasser
psychic pollution · tanz for dunkele seelen
card crane ha
moon · s.t.
corinthian · kathryne keyron
slime · company
la femme sans histoire
francoiz breut · s.t.
majical cloudz · are you alone
before it all
chelan · equal under pressure
pacific uv · longplay 2
humans · noontide