Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 1, 2016

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7:56am - 10:53am

Pete Namlook / Richie Hawtin, Souns, Pete Namlook / Bill Laswell, Benoit Pioulard, The Kallikak Family, Beef Terminal, Julianna Barwick, Kyle Bobby Dunn,
Corinthian, Beef Terminal, Deadbeat, Vermont, Aidan Baker / Liz Hysen, This Mortal Coil, His Name is Alive, The Rachel's, Valiska, Ensemble, Slowdive,
Austra, Tortoise, Stereolab, Tricky, Yppah

Track Listing:

sad alliance
pete namlook / richie hawtin · from within
cylindrical tresses
souns · ambient a
keeper of the purple light
pete namlook / bill laswell · outland 3
benoit pioulard · noyaux
final phase
kallikak family · may 23rd, 2007
about to rain (or not)
beef terminal · anger do not enter
julianna barwick · nepenthe
macleod (and the victims of deception)
kyle bobby dunn · and the infinite sadness
corinthian · kathryne keyron
january sun
beef terminal · 20 goto ten
fourth quarter (Kalla's House)
deadbeat · drawn and quartered
vermont · s.t.
aidan baker / liz hysen · already drowning
the lace maker
this mortal coil · blood
are we still married
his name is alive · home is in your head
those pearls
rachel's · systems / layers
valiska · repetitions
ensemble · s.t.
some velvet morning
slowdive · souvlaki
lose it
austra · feel it break
the clearing fills
tortoise · the catastrophist
cybele's reverie
stereolab · emperor tomato ketchup
tricky · knowle west boy
owl beach II
yppah · tiny pause