Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 11, 2016

For Boulez - though he probably wouldn't approve

7:57am - 10:57am

Rapoon, Souns, Pierre Boulez, Rene Hell, Benoit Pioulard, Germany Germany, D.F.W.K.B.D. & J.G., Kyle Bobby Dunn, Qasim Naqvi,
Valiska, Boundary, Esmerine, German Army, Kode9, Vermont, Galerie Stratique, George Fitzgerald, Hawaii, Majical Cloudz,
Braids, Portico, Blue Hawaii, Chelan, Beach House, Moon, Family Band, White Poppy & Joanna Newsom

Track Listing:

looking...not finding
rapoon · the fires of the borderlands
open face first
souns · ambient a
piano sonata 2 mvmnt 2
pierre boulez · Boulez: the piano sonatas
detuned clarinet
rene hell · terminal symphony
benoit pioulard · noyaux
germany germany · willow
pyramid / indigo · s.t.
top ten (exerpt)
d.f.w.k.b.d. & j.g. · a chance happening
saison triste on lac of baies
kyle bobby dunn · ....and the infinite sadness
qasim naqvi · preamble
valiska · repetitions
double edged sword
boundary · s.t.
a trick of the light
esmerine · lost voices
breaking the head
german army · in transit
nothing lasts forever
kode9 · nothing / respirator
vermont · s.t.
galerie stratique · faux world
full circle
george fitzgerald · fading love
three thousand miles
hawaii · blooming summer
majical cloudz · are you alone
getting tired
braids · deep in the iris
portico · living fields
lonely hearts
blue hawaii · s.t.
before it all
chelan · equal under pressure
beach house · depression cherry
narrow draw
moon · s.t.
hi life
family band · if i hadn't waited...
telepathic love
white poppy · natural phenomena
joanna newsom · divers