Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 14, 2015

Where the deep sounds of the land meet the shimmery notes in the sky...

7:55am - 11:01am

Subtractivelad, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Parkland, Jonsi & Alex, Esmerine, Mountains, Valiska, Vermont, Fond of Tigers, Fuck Buttons,
Brasstronaut, King Midas Sound / Fennesz, Badbadnotgood, Laurent Garnier, Luke Koyle, Battles & Tosca.

Track Listing:

where land meets the sky
subtractivelad · embers and snow
...and the infinite sadness
kyle bobby dunn · ouverture de peter hodge transport
parkland · compatriots
riceboy sleeps
jonsi & alex · indian summer
lost voices
esmerine · funambule (deux pas de serein)
mountains · propeller
valiska · escape
vermont · lithium
thing to live with
fond of tigers · parade rehersal
fuck buttons · okay, let's talk about magic
edition 1
king midas sound / fennesz · mysteries
mean sun
brasstronaut · revelstoke dam
badbadnotgood · kaleidoscope
the man with the red face
laurent garnier · man with the red face
structured ambience in the powers of 10
luke koyle · rapid transit
la di da di
battles · megatouch
tosca · me and yoko ono