Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 7, 2015

New Philip Jeck, Benoit Pioulard and more

7:56am - 10:54am

Howie B / Hubert Noi, Philip Jeck, Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble, Loscil, Jonsi & Alex, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Jeff Greinke, Boundary,
Tim Hecker, Vermont, Benoit Pioulard, Valiska, Building Castles out of Matchsticks, Shriekback, Esmerine, Cocteau Twins,
White Poppy, Francoiz Breut, Aidan Baker / Valerie Niederoest / Maude Oswald, Majical Cloudz & Frog Eyes.

Track Listing:

music for astronauts and cosmonauts
howie b / hubert noi · morning
an ark for the listener
philip jeck · pilot / dark blue night
from the stairwell
kilimanjaro dark jazz ensemble · les etoiles mutantes
philip jeck · called in
sea island
loscil · iona
riceboy sleeps
jonsi & alex · atlas song
...and the infinite sadness
kyle bobby dunn · boring foothills...
timbral planes
jeff greinke · cloud swell
boundary · ghost writer
ravedeath 1972
tim hecker · analog paralysis, 1978
vermont · droixhe
benoit pioulard · remind
valiska · clearing
studios and airplanes
building castles out of matchsticks · falling behind
oil and gold
shriekback · faded flowers
lost voices
esmerine · a river runs through this city
aikea guinea
cocteau twins · domino
natural phenomena
white poppy · sublimity
francoiz breut · la femmes sans histoire
already drowning
aidan baker / valerie niederoest / maude oswald · melusine
are you alone?
majical cloudz · disappeared
pickpocket's lockets
frog eyes · rejoinders in a storm