Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 23, 2015

New Grimes, Battles, Newsom, Deerhunter and lots more

7:56am - 10:58am

BVDub / Loscil, Eternal Tapestry, Moonchild, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Teen Daze, Esmerine, Telephone Maison, Battles, Vermont, Valiska,
German Army, Arca, Lapalux, Parkland, Grimes, Aidan Baker / Joanna Kupnick, Joanna Newsom, Deerhunter, Jane SIberry, Majical Cloudz,
Language Arts, Yppah, Moonwood, Braids and Unalaska

Track Listing:

bvdub / loscil · morai
wild strawberries
eternal tapestry · white adder's tongue
sonic sculptures
moonchild · spacewalk
...and the eternal sadness
kyle bobby dunn · those satisfactions are permanent
the inner mansions
teen daze · always returning
lost voices
esmerine · my mamma pinned a rose on me
telephone maison · sous le paves: un mirage
la di da
battles · luu le
vermont · ubersprung
valiska · reflection
in transit
german army · mirror analyst
arca · peonies
lapalux · sum body
parkland · drinking glue
art angels
grimes · art angels
already drowning
aidan baker / joanna kupnicka · mein zwilling mein verlorener
joanna newsom · time, as a symptom
fading frontier
deerhunter · leather and wood
speckless sky
jane siberry · vladimir, vladimir
are you alone
majical cloudz · disappeared
able island
language arts · idea
tiny pause
yppah · owl beach II
desert ghosts
moonwood · the girl who waited
deep in the iris
braids · sore eyes
unalaska · salaryworld