Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 16, 2015

Stories for windy, rainy, grey days

7:56am - 10:55am

Soso, KC Accidental, Valley of the Giants, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Beef Terminal, Vermont, Parkland, Loscil, Fantastic Lovers, Valiska,
King Midas Sound / Fennesz, Esmerine, Animals on Wheels, Spool, Sinewave, Kreidler, Aidan Baker / Liz Hysen, Majical Cloudz & Yppah.

Track Listing:

tenth street and clarence
soso · the goose hunter pt 1 & 2
beautiful noise: the apocalypse
kc accidental · tired hands
valley of the giants · whaling tale
...and the infinite sadness
kyle bobby dunn · on top of timeless hour
20 goto 10
beef terminal · we look to adults
vermont · majestat
parkland · compatriots
endless falls
loscil · the making of grief point
beautiful noise: the apocalypse
fantastic lovers · aleutian low
Valiska · lost
edition 1
king midas sound / fennesz · waves
lost voices
esmerine · a river runs through the city
nuvol i cadira
animals on wheels · never in never out
spool saves the world
spool · tuesday
unity gain
sinewave · the wizard of ahhhs
kreidler · ceramic
already drowning
aidan baker / liz hysen · ice
are you alone
majical cloudz · heavy
tiny pause
yppah · all shades of pink