Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 9, 2015

Pretend we live Forever...

7:56am - 10:57am

Vermont, Deadbeat, Esmerine, Eternal Tapestry, Phillips & Jensen, Connect_icut, Secret Pyramid, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Spool, DJ Shadow,
King Midas Sound / Fennesz, Skim Milk, Valiska, White Poppy, Tigerwing, Aidan Baker / Genevieve Castree, Majical Cloudz, Verbrilli Sound,
Chelan, Braids, Yppah, Telefuzz, Domotic & Family Band.

Track Listing:

vermont · ubersprung
drawn and quartered
deabeat · third quarter (vampire of mumbai)
lost voices
esmerine · 19/14
wild strawberries
eternal tapestry · enchanter's nightshade
phillips & jensen · monday's forest
connect_icut · winter song
the silent march
secret pyramid · still return
...and the infinite sadness
kyle bobby dunn · macleod (and the victims of deception)
spool III
spool · about rivers and drinking
slime · hot dog
dj shadow · midnight in a perfect world
edition 1
king midas sound / fennesz · above water
ghosts of jazz
skim milk · snacks
valiska · reflection
natural phenomena
white poppy · ebb and flow
make rabbits run
tigerwing · b.a.b.y.
already drowning
aidan baker / genevieve castree · tout juste sous la surface, je guette
are you alone
majical cloudz · silver car crash
leisure war
verbrilli sound · moonlight swim
equal under pressure
chelan · pretend we live forever
deep in the iris
braids · getting tired
tiny pause
yppah · occasional magic
telefuzz · chem-trails
ask for tiger
domotic · i hate you forever
family band '15
family band · pomelo