Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 2, 2015

Music for the Post Time Change Hangover

7:56am - 10:58am

Featured Artists:
Pete Namlook / Richie Hawtin, Lawrence English, Souns / Scant Intone, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Eternal Tapestry, Souns, Vermont,
Esmerine, Teebs, Valiska, Aidan Baker / Jessica Bailiff, White Poppy, Lakuna, Esmerine, Slime, Colleen, Portico, Peaking Lights,
Yppah, Majical Cloudz, Unalaska & King Midas Sound / Fennesz

Track Listing:

from within
pete namlook / richie hawtin · snake charmer
a colour of autumn
lawrence english · stillness in motion
souns / scant intone · self aural shift
...and the infinite sadness
kyle bobby dunn · overture de peter hodge transport
wild strawberries
eternal tapestry · lace fern
souns · coastal
vermont · sharav
lost voices
esmerine · a river runs through this city
teebs · sotm
valiska · held
already drowning
aidan baker / jessica bailiff · 30 days / 30 nights
natural phenomena
white poppy · wild mind
castle of crime
lakuna · vega
lost voices
esmerine · my mamma pinned a rose on me
slime · my company
captain of none
colleen · holding horses
living fields
portico · memory of newness
peaking lights · lo hi
tiny pause
yppah · neighborhoods
majical cloudz · illusion
are you alone?
majical cloudz · downtown
unalaska · skeleton
edition 1
king midas sound / fennesz · on my mind