Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 26, 2015

Measured Ambiance for Drizzly Mornings

7:58am - 10:58am

Happy Post-Harper Canada -
Rapoon, Loscil, Lawrence English, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Loscil / BVDub, Secret Pyramid, Pete Namlook / Richie Hawtin, Marina Rosenfeld, Vermont, DJ Olive, Robin Judge / Tomas Jirku, Valiska, Tim Hecker, King Midas Sound / Fennesz, Thomas Brinkmann, Julianna Barwick, White Poppy, Tigerwing, Aidan Baker / Liz Hysen, Slime, Battles, Family Band & Yppah.

Track Listing:

the fires of the borderland
rapoon · omaneska
sea island
loscil · iona
wilderness of mirrors
lawrence english · hapless gatherer
...and the infinite sadness
kyle bobby dunn · ghost keeping verses i-iv
loscil / bvdub · aether
the silent march
secret pyramid · her spirits
from within
pete namlook / richie hawtin · homeward bound
the forest, the garden, the sea
marina rosenfeld · the sea, the forest, the garden
vermont · lithium
air texture: volume III
dj olive · one day old
private eyes
robin judge / tomas jirku · internal affairs
valiska · lost
radio amor
tim hecker · 7000 miles
edition 1
king midas sound / fennesz · loving or leaving
what you hear (is what you hear)
thomas brinkmann · kadmiumgelb
julianna barwick · adventurer of the family
natural phenomena
white poppy · arctic rose
make the rabbits run
tigerwing · coax
already drowning
aidan baker / liz hysen · ice
slime · patricia's stories
la di da di
battles · cacio e pepe
if i hadn't waited
family band · hi life
tiny pause
yppah · all shades of pink