Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 19, 2015

Election Day - Time to Vote

7:56am - 11:01am

Election Time - Make a Difference and Vote!
Kyle Bobby Dunn, Vermont, King Midas Sound / Fennez, Ellen Allien / Apparat, Aidan Baker / Clara Engel, Tom Spacey, Valiska,
2562, Spool, Sofa Surfers, Boundary, Funki Porcini, Deison & Mingle, Tim Hecker, Knautic, Slime, Lapalux, White Poppy, Yppah, Chelan,
Nightmares on Wax, Marumari & Dosh

Track Listing:

...and the infinite sadness
kyle bobby dunn · rue de guy-mathieu
vermont · ruckzuck
...and the infinite sadness
kyle bobby dunn · where circles never become circles
edition 1
king midas sound / fennez · waves
vermont · cocos
orchestra of bubbles
ellen allien / apparat · retina
already drowning
aidan baker / clara engel · already drowning
beautiful noise: the apocalypse
tom spacey · the ether pilot
valiska · dawn
the new today
2562 · terraforming
spool III
spool · paper horses
see the light
sofa surfers · sofa rockers
boundary · expo 67
hed phone sex
funki porcini · the deep
weak life
deison & mingle · osso temporale
radio amore
tim hecker · azure azure
knautic · sound system
slime · symptomes
lapalux · sum body
natural phenomena
white poppy · sublimity
tiny pause
yppah · neighborhood
equal under pressure
chelan · photograph
feelin' good
nightmares on wax · master plan
super mogadon
marumari · rocket summer
the lost take
dosh · oh mexico