Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

7:55am - 11:03am

john zorn, nelson riddle, goldie, perfume tree, ltj bukem, veloce, dj krash, valiska, tom waits, unknown origin, lamb, omni trio, sissy, architektur, lreoy holmes,
charanjit singh, the inner thumb, elsiane, dark orchard, mono, microbunny, frog eyes, majical cloudz & fascade @ 137 db..... Don't forget to Vote!

Track Listing:

john zorn · spillane
the beat generation: vol 1
nelson riddle · route 66 yheme
goldie · dragonfly
perfume tree · instantaneous
journey inwards
ltj bukem · close to the source
veloce · teipei
dj krash · on the dub-ble
valiska · dawn
the beat generation: vol 1
tom waits · diamonds on my windshield
muzik classics: drum and bass
unkown origin · valley of the shadows
what sound
lamb · what sound
muzik classics: drum and bass
omni trio · renegade snares
march of the humans
sissy · imminent rampage
architektur · the smoker
the crime scene
leroy holmes · in search for vulcan
ten ragas to a disco beat
charanjit singh · raga bhairav
la carburant de cerveau
the inner thumb · citroens 'n' sitars
elsiane · hybrid
dark orchard · qichwa
life in mono
mono · life in mono
what sound
lamb · one
49 swans
microbunny · 49 swans
pickpocket's locket
frog eyes · demon runner
majical cloudz · childhood's end
caharcter of the moment
fascade @ 137db · finger traps