Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 28, 2015

As September Winds Down

7:58am - 11:01am

Decent mix od the old and new on today's show - enjoy the deep rumble of the Rapoon.

Track Listing:

god's mirror ball
the orb · moon building 2703 ad
the crow
dj food · kaleidoscope
border crossing
pulse emitter · air texture: vol iv
rapoon · in this world
loscil · first narrows
fixed elections
deadbeat · something borrowed something blue
mists of krakatoa
killimanjaro dark jazz ensemble · here be dragons
first narrows
loscil · first narrows
deadbeat · something borrowed something blue
valiska · repetitions
piekoz · narrative structurez
nature of memory
windy and carl · we will always be
life day
sinewave · unity gain
quadra · based on a true story
aidan baker / valerie niederoes / maude oswald · already drowning
patricia's stories
slime · comapny
mirror analyst
german army · in transit
your mom is in the next room
soso · tin foil on the windows
the last hemperor
telefuzz · sleep
white poppy · natural phenomena
a formal invitation
cold specks · neuroplasticity
bugs don't buzz
majical cloudz · impersonator
the river
destroyer · poison season