Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 31, 2015

Broadcast on 31-Aug-2015

8:00am - 11:00am

eternal tapestry - white adder's tongue-wild strawberries
the orb - moonbuilding 2703 a.d.-moonbuilding 2703 a.d.
valiska - dawn-repetitions
d.f. w k.b.d. & j.g. - top ten-a chance happening
slime - thurible-company
loscil - holding pattern-sea island
suuns / jerusalem in my heart - leyla-s.t.
2562 - new life-the new today
valiska - lost-repetitions
massive attack - mezzanine-mezzanine
fatboy slim - right here right now-you've come a long way baby
moon - card crane ha-s.t.
slime - my company-company
the the - heartland-infected
tricky - suffocated love-maxinquaye
tigerwing - meant to kill-make the rabbits run
jerome miniere - lecture du visage-la commencement du rage
white poppy - arctic rose-natural phenomena
shriekback - faded flowers-oil and gold
aidan baker / joanna kupnicka - mein zwilling, mein verlorener-already drowning
german army - journey into speech-in transit
slowdive - some velvet morning (lee hazelwood)-souvlaki
spell - lullaby-lull
braids - happy when-deep in the iris
hip type - darker than this-last call
teendaze - valley of gardens-morning world
frog eyes - two girls-pickpocket's locket
george fitzgerald - the waiting-fading love

Track Listing:

White Adder's Tongue
Eternal Tapestry · Wild Strawberries
moonbuilding 2703 a.d.
the orb · moonbuilding 2703 a.d.
valiska · repetitions
top ten
d.f. w k.b.d. & j.g. · a chance happening
slime · company
suuns / jerusalem in my heart · s.t.
new life
2562 · the new today
valiska · repetitions
massive attack · mezzanine
right here right now
fatboy slim · you've come a long way baby
card crane ha
moon · s.t.
my company
slime · company
the the · infected
suffocated love
tricky · maxinquaye
meant to kill
tigerwing · make the rabbits run
lecture du visage
jerome miniere · la commencement du rage
arctic rose
white poppy · natural phenomena
faded flowers
shriekback · oil and gold
mein zwilling, mein verlorener
aidan baker / joanna kupnicka · already drowning
journey into speech
german army · in transit
some velvet morning (lee hazelwood)
slowdive · souvlaki
Spell · Lull
happy when
braids · deep in the iris
darker than this
hip type · last call
valley of gardens
teendaze · morning world
two girls
frog eyes · pickpocket's locket
the waiting
george fitzgerald · fading love