Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 10, 2015

Broadcast on 10-Aug-2015

8:00am - 11:00am

subtractive lad - the available light-kindred
robin judge - shade-pattern
another electronic musician - green and olive-patience
bitcrush - every ghost has its spectre-in distance
subtractive_lad - what you see-kindred
robin judge - panoramic-pattern
the orb - lunar caves-moonbuilding 2703 ad
george fitzgerald - the waiting-fading love
loscil - bleeding ink-sea island
aidan baker - melusine-already drowning
2562 - utopia-the new today
moon - gomorrah-s.t.
telefuzz - moonbeams-headlands
white poppy - sublimity-natural phenomena
solar year - night and day-waverly
brian eno - panic of looking-panic of looking
portishead - wandering star-dummy
find the others - the vampire has seen better nights-empire of time
panda bear - butcher baker candlestick maker-meets the grim reaper
peaking lights - eyes to sea-cosmic logic
lapalux - sum body-lustmore
stars - set yourself on fire-set yourself on fire
braids - getting tired-deep in the iris
new pronographers - high rise-brill bruisers
dark orchard - ruby-blooms
the verbrilli sound - te miro-many coloured butterflies

Track Listing:

the available light
subtractive lad · kindred
robin judge · pattern
green and olive
another electronic musician · patience
every ghost has its spectre
bitcrush · in distance
what you see
subtractive_lad · kindred
robin judge · pattern
lunar caves
the orb · moonbuilding 2703 ad
the waiting
george fitzgerald · fading love
bleeding ink
Loscil · Sea Island
aidan baker · already drowning
2562 · the new today
moon · s.t.
telefuzz · headlands
White Poppy · Natural Phenomena
night and day
solar year · waverly
panic of looking
brian eno · panic of looking
wandering star
portishead · dummy
the vampire has seen better nights
find the others · empire of time
butcher baker candlestick maker
panda bear · meets the grim reaper
eyes to sea
peaking lights · cosmic logic
Sum Body
Lapalux · Lustmore
set yourself on fire
stars · set yourself on fire
getting tired
braids · deep in the iris
high rise
new pronographers · brill bruisers
dark orchard · blooms
te miro
the verbrilli sound · many coloured butterflies