Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 3, 2015

Broadcast on 03-Aug-2015

8:00am - 11:00am

the orb - god's mirrorball-moonbuilding 2703 ad
koen holtkamp - battenkill-motion: connected works
mountains - sand-centralia
connect_icut - imperial alabaster-crows & kittiwakes...
subtractive_lad - of sand and stars-no man's land
loscil - sturgeon bank-sea island
julianna barwick - look into your own mind-nepenthe
loscil - coyote-sketches of new brighton
biosphere - sendai-n-plants
schnellertollermeier - ///\\\///-x
einsturzende neubauten - der erste weltkrieg-lament
eternal tapestry - white adder's tongue-wild strawberries
coldcut - mr nichols-sound mirrors
suuns / jerusalem in my heart - gazelles in flight-s.t.
moon - card crane ha-s.t.
white poppy - wild mind-natural
grouper - holding-ruins
aidan baker - lorelei / common tongue-already drowning
nova heart - dancing barefoot-s.t.
braids - warm like summer-deep in the iris
malka spigel - back in the old city-everyday is like the frst day

Track Listing:

god's mirrorball
the orb · moonbuilding 2703 ad
koen holtkamp · motion: connected works
mountains · centralia
imperial alabaster
connect_icut · crows & kittiwakes...
of sand and stars
subtractive_lad · no man's land
Sturgeon Bank
Loscil · Sea Island
look into your own mind
julianna barwick · nepenthe
loscil · sketches of new brighton
biosphere · n-plants
schnellertollermeier · x
der erste weltkrieg
einsturzende neubauten · lament
White Adder's Tongue
Eternal Tapestry · Wild Strawberries
mr nichols
coldcut · sound mirrors
gazelles in flight
suuns / jerusalem in my heart · s.t.
card crane ha
moon · s.t.
wild mind
white poppy · natural
lorelei / common tongue
aidan baker · already drowning
dancing barefoot
nova heart · s.t.
warm like summer
braids · deep in the iris
back in the old city
malka spigel · everyday is like the frst day