Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 20, 2015

Broadcast on 20-Jul-2015

8:00am - 11:00am

godspeed you black emperor - lamb's breath-asunder sweet and other distress
do make say think - say-do make say think
neville brothers - sons and daughters-brother's keeper
jomf - nice one-flags of the sacred harp
suuns / jerusalem in my heart - 3attam babey-s.t.
beans - the may 6th expires-saturday morning empires
pan american - lights of little towns-quiet city
marlon williams - when i was a young girl-s.t.
jomf - rockaway-flags of the sacred harp
lillian allen - revolutionary teaparty-revolutionary teaparty
the embassadors - big amen-coptic dub
debo band - medinanna zelesegna-s.t.
eternal tapestry - mountain primrose-wild strawberries
utah philllips / ani difranco - anarchy-the past didn't go anywhere
flanger - music is our secret code / tiny tina-spirituals
coco rosie - good friday-la maison de mon reve
cordelia's dad - the dying californian-comet
frazey ford - weather pattern-indian ocean
marlon williams - silent passage-s.t.
the lowest pair - reuben's fortune-the sacred heart sessions
cold specks - a broken memory-neuroplasticity
carolina chocolate drops - starry crown-dona got a ramblin' mind
pokey la farge & the south city three - so long honeybee-middle of everywhere
old man luedecke - time alone-i never sang before i met you
said the whale - goodnight moon-little mountain
horace x - dreams half empty-sackbut folk spoil sunday
hazmat modine - the tide-cicada
melborne ska orchestra - third time lucky-n.a.
kobo town - tick tock goes theclock-jumbie in the jukebox

Track Listing:

lamb's breath
godspeed you black emperor · asunder sweet and other distress
do make say think · do make say think
sons and daughters
neville brothers · brother's keeper
nice one
jomf · flags of the sacred harp
3attam babey
suuns / jerusalem in my heart · s.t.
the may 6th expires
beans · saturday morning empires
lights of little towns
pan american · quiet city
when i was a young girl
marlon williams · s.t.
jomf · flags of the sacred harp
revolutionary teaparty
lillian allen · revolutionary teaparty
big amen
the embassadors · coptic dub
medinanna zelesegna
debo band · s.t.
Mountain Primrose
Eternal Tapestry · Wild Strawberries
utah philllips / ani difranco · the past didn't go anywhere
music is our secret code / tiny tina
flanger · spirituals
good friday
coco rosie · la maison de mon reve
the dying californian
cordelia's dad · comet
Weather Pattern
Frazey Ford · Indian Ocean
silent passage
marlon williams · s.t.
Reuben's Fortune
The Lowest Pair · The Sacred Heart Sessions
a broken memory
cold specks · neuroplasticity
starry crown
carolina chocolate drops · dona got a ramblin' mind
so long honeybee
pokey la farge & the south city three · middle of everywhere
Time Alone
Old Man Luedecke · I Never Sang Before I Met You
goodnight moon
said the whale · little mountain
dreams half empty
horace x · sackbut folk spoil sunday
The Tide
Hazmat Modine · Cicada
third time lucky
melborne ska orchestra · n.a.
tick tock goes theclock
kobo town · jumbie in the jukebox