Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 8, 2014

Broadcast on 08-Dec-2014

8:00am - 11:00am

godspeed you black emperor - the dead flag blues - f#a#$
do make say think - executioner's blues - you, you're a history in rust
beef terminal - the birds of september - the isolationist
kuato - ripped from the soil - the great upheaval
loscil - sea island murders - sea island
portishead - wandering star - dummy
do make say think - outer inner and secret - winter hymn, country hymn, sectret hymn
brambles - such owls as you - charcoal
delerium - barren ground - spiritual archives
scott walker/sunn o)) - lullaby - soused
holy other - nothing here - held
andy stott - sleepless - luxury problems
tricky - hell is around the corner - maxinquaye
cold specks - abisto - neuroplasticity
fembots - broken and blue - small town murder scene
radar brothers - you and the father - and the surrounding mountains
thurston moore - speak to the wild - the best day
hazmat modine - mocking bird - cicada
swans - screen shot - to be kind
recoil - prey-sub - human
bosnian rainbows - eli - s.t.
massive attack - pray for rain - heligoland
the cure - prayers for rain - disintegration
mi'ens - bonobo handshake - experimantalsparklenoisepop

Track Listing:

the dead flag blues
godspeed you black emperor · f#a#$
executioner's blues
do make say think · you, you're a history in rust
the birds of september
beef terminal · the isolationist
ripped from the soil
kuato · the great upheaval
sea island murders
loscil · sea island
wandering star
portishead · dummy
outer inner and secret
do make say think · winter hymn, country hymn, sectret hymn
such owls as you
brambles · charcoal
barren ground
delerium · spiritual archives
scott walker/sunn o)) · soused
nothing here
holy other · held
andy stott · luxury problems
hell is around the corner
tricky · maxinquaye
cold specks · neuroplasticity
broken and blue
Fembots · small town murder scene
you and the father
radar brothers · and the surrounding mountains
speak to the wild
thurston moore · the best day
mocking bird
hazmat modine · cicada
Screen shot
Swans · To be kind
recoil · sub-human
bosnian rainbows · s.t.
pray for rain
massive attack · heligoland
Prayers For Rain
The Cure · Disintegration
bonobo handshake
mi'ens · experimantalsparklenoisepop