Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 8, 2014

Broadcast on 08-Sep-2014

8:00am - 11:00am

kyle bobby dunn - the hungover (bring me the head of...)
beef terminal - passing secrets through the window (the isolationist)
beef terminal - 20 go to ten (20 go to 10)
mi'ens - pointillist pilot (experimentalsparklenoisepop)
tinkertoy - pinpin's flower shop (electric wilderness)
Peaking Lights - Amazing And Wonderful (936)
schrubbn - echo 8/4 (air texture: vol III)
huerco s - monks mound (arcology) (colonial patterns)
burial - loner (street halo / kindred)
Badbadnotgood - Can't Leave the Night (III)
seefeel - dead guitars (seefeel)
julianna barwick - the harbringer (nepenthe)
austra - doepfer (habitat ep)
naw - underpass tunnel corridors (green nights orange days)
the bionaut - aquamarine (pop ambient 2014)
efdemin - ohara (decay)
teebs - ny pt 1 (estara)
sissy - imminent rampage (march of the humans)
white poppy - dead night (s.t.)
plat - flokt (compulsion)
taken by trees - highest high (other worlds)
swankz / verbrilli - all the land (lifesavers)

Track Listing:

the hungover
kyle bobby dunn · bring me the head of...
passing secrets through the window
beef terminal · the isolationist
20 go to ten
beef terminal · 20 go to 10
pointillist pilot
mi'ens · experimentalsparklenoisepop
pinpin's flower shop
tinkertoy · electric wilderness
Amazing And Wonderful
Peaking Lights · 936
echo 8/4
schrubbn · air texture: vol III
monks mound (arcology)
huerco s · colonial patterns
burial · street halo / kindred
Can't Leave the Night
Badbadnotgood · III
dead guitars
seefeel · seefeel
the harbringer
julianna barwick · nepenthe
austra · habitat ep
underpass tunnel corridors
naw · green nights orange days
the bionaut · pop ambient 2014
efdemin · decay
ny pt 1
teebs · estara
imminent rampage
sissy · march of the humans
dead night
white poppy · s.t.
plat · compulsion
highest high
taken by trees · other worlds
all the land
swankz / verbrilli · lifesavers