Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 30, 2014

Broadcast on 30-Jun-2014

8:00am - 11:00am

loscil - hastings sunrise - sketches from new brighton
23rd world - enchanted isles -pacific rhythm: the first wave
boards of canada - jaquard causeway - tomorrow's harvest
kraftwerk - morgenspaziergang - autobahn
mitchell akiyama - dirge for the canon - air texture: volume II
connect_icut - again now (for mathew)- hawks & kittiwakes...
hauschka - who lived here? - abandoned city
secret pyramid - escape (fade out)- movements of night
fennesz - pallas athene - becs
the hylozoists - the island of seven cities - l'ile de sept villes
the cyrillic typewriter - broken - custodian
once11 - whatawind - air textures: volume III
tuxedomoon - dizzy - vapor trails
gold panda - brazil - half of where you live
tigerwing x barnaby bennett - hhushh - 'xela
tortoise - black bird - a lazarus taxon
joshua van tassel - bottom of the well - dream date
mathew dear - death to feelers - asa breed
connect_icut - bathroom mirror (smash patriarchy)- small town by the sea
christian loeffler - veiled grey - young alaska
dixie's death pool - rainbow bridge - twin galaxies
kandle - gimme a pill - in flames
bonobo - emkay - the north borders
bibio - a tout a l'heure - silver wilkinson
painted palms - forever - forever
dj koze - track id anyone? - amygdala
trentemoller - gravity - lost
sabota - don't ask - s.t.
panther god - samson - golden changes

Track Listing:

hastings sunrise
loscil · sketches from new brighton
enchanted isles
23rd world · pacific rhythm: the first wave
jaquard causeway
boards of canada · tomorrow's harvest
kraftwerk · autobahn
dirge for the canon
mitchell akiyama · air texture: volume II
again now (for mathew)
connect_icut · hawks & kittiwakes...
who lived here?
hauschka · abandoned city
escape (fade out)
secret pyramid · movements of night
pallas athene
fennesz · becs
the island of seven cities
the hylozoists · l'ile de sept villes
the cyrillic typewriter · custodian
once11 · air twxtures: volume III
tuxedomoon · vapor trails
Gold Panda · Half Of Where You Live
tigerwing x barnaby bennett · 'xela
black bird
tortoise · a lazarus taxon
bottom of the well
joshua van tassel · dream date
death to feelers
mathew dear · asa breed
Bathroom Mirror (Smash Patriarchy)
Connect_Icut · Small Town By The Sea
veiled grey
christian loeffler · young alaska
rainbow bridge
dixie's death pool · twin galaxies
Gimme A Pill
Kandle · In Flames
Bonobo · The North Borders
a tout a l'heure
bibio · silver wilkinson
painted palms · forever
track id anyone?
dj koze · amygdala
trentemoller · lost
don't ask
sabota · s.t.
panther god · golden changes