Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 26, 2014

Broadcast on 26-May-2014

8:00am - 11:00am

trio - wake up-everyman has a woman-yoko ono
loscil - black tusk-coast/range/arc-scott morgan
deadbeat - melbourne round midnight-journeyman's annual-scott monteith
kyle bobby dunn - the troubles with tres belles-bring me the head of kyle bobby dunn-kyle bobby dunn
subtractivelad - the day away-apparatus-stephen hummel
connect_icut - bird internet-small town by the sea-connect_icut
tigerwing x banaby bennett - a.m.-'xela-barnaby bennett / sarah kelly
dewalta - waltfunk-wander-dewalta
biosphere - patashnik-patashnik-geir jenssen/biosphere
tim hecker - radiance-virgins-tim hecker
white poppy - darkness turns to light-white poppy-white poppy
pan-american - relays-cloud room, glass room-steven hess/mark nelson
majical cloudz - turns turns turns-impersonator-devon welsh
eno/ hyde - when i built this world-someday world-brian eno / carl hyde
braids - amends-flourish / perish-braids
dixie's death pool - stella paralax-twin galaxies-lee hutzulak
peaking lights - summertime-936-peaking lights
fresh snow - frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle-i-fresh snow
cold specks - heavy hands-i predict a graceful expulsion-al spx
austra - reconcile-olympia-austra
kandle - demon-in flames-kandle osborne
the specials - you're wondering now-specials-clement seymour

Track Listing:

wake up
trio · everyman has a woman
black tusk
loscil · coast/range/arc
melbourne round midnight
deadbeat · journeyman's annual
the troubles with tres belles
kyle bobby dunn · bring me the head of kyle bobby dunn
the day away
subtractivelad · apparatus
bird internet
connect_icut · small town by the sea
tigerwing x banaby bennett · 'xela
dewalta · wander
biosphere · patashnik
tim hecker · virgins
darkness turns to light
white poppy · white poppy
pan-american · cloud room, glass room
turns turns turns
majical cloudz · impersonator
when i built this world
eno/ hyde · someday world
braids · flourish / perish
stella paralax
dixie's death pool · twin galaxies
Peaking Lights · 936
frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle
fresh snow · I
heavy hands
cold specks · i predict a graceful expulsion
Austra · Olympia
Kandle · In Flames
you're wondering now
the specials · specials