Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 12, 2014

Broadcast on 12-May-2014

8:00am - 11:00am

connect_icut - cat town - small town by the sea
prophecy sun / emerge - daylight - spirirt dream
connect_icut - tennis players - small town by the sea
pvt - shiver - homosapien
oneohtrix point never - along - r plus seven
daedelus - tiptoes - drown out
thee silver mt zion... - austerity blues - fuck off get free...
dixie's death pool - the hair you'll never cu t- twin galaxies
panda bear - comfy in nautica - person pitch
chad van galen - monster - shrink dust
flash palace - a burn lounge - ceiling all
panda bear - bros - person pitch
painted palms - forever - forever
notwist - run run run - close to the glass
lusine - get the message -the waiting room
tigerwing x barnaby bennett - a.m. - 'xela
majical cloudz - this is magic - impersonator
joshua van tassel - the warmest heart - dream date
talking heads - artist's only - more songs about buildings and food
son lux - lost it to trying - lanterns
mu - to me to you - mu
braids - juniper - flourish/perish
solar year - seeing the same - waverly
nadine shah - the devil - love your dumb and mad
fenster - hit and run - the pink caves
doldrums - lesser evil - lesser evil

Track Listing:

cat town
connect_icut · small town by the sea
prophecy sun / emerge · spirirt dream
Tennis Players
Connect_icut · Small Town By The Sea
pvt · homosapien
oneohtrix point never · r plus seven
daedelus · drown out
austerity blues
thee silver mt zion... · fuck off get free...
the hair you'll never cut
dixie's death pool · twin galaxies
Comfy in Nautica
Panda Bear · Person Pitch
chad van galen · shrink dust
a burn lounge
Flash Palace · Ceiling All
Panda Bear · Person Pitch
painted palms · forever
run run run
notwist · close to the glass
get the message
lusine · the waiting room
tigerwing x barnaby bennett · 'xela
this is magic
majical cloudz · impersonator
the warmest heart
joshua van tassel · dream date
artist's only
talking heads · more songs about buildings and food
lost it to trying
son lux · lanterns
To Me To You
braids · flourish/perish
seeing the same
solar year · waverly
the devil
nadine shah · love your dumb and mad
hit and run
fenster · the pink caves
lesser evil
doldrums · lesser evil