Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 10, 2014

Broadcast on 10-Feb-2014

8:00am - 11:00am

loscil - black tusk-coast/range/arc
loscil - hastings sunrise-sketches from new brighton
bv dub / loscil - thanatos-erebus
subtractive lad - the day away-apparatus
pan american - project fro an apartment building-cloud room, glass room
julianna barwick - crystal lake-nepenthe
connect_icut - imperial alabaster-crows & kittiwakes wheel and come again
pole - lurch-waldgeschichten 3
huerco s - anagramme of my love-colonial patterns
boundary - ghost writer-s.t.
andy stott - sleepless-luxury problems
flume - star eyes-s.t.
blue hawaii - flammarion-untogether
pantha du prince / bell laboratory - particle-elements of light
lusine - panoramic-the waiting room
majical cloudz - notebook-impersonator
cloud boat - bastion-book of hours
cfcf - jump out of the train-outside
machinedrum - vizion-vapor city
nightmares on wax - master plan-feelin good
cold specks - winter solstice-i predict a graceful expulsion
braids - ebben-flourish // perish
son lux - enough of our machines-lanterns
the field - a guided tour-cupid's head
mum - sweet ipressions-smilewound
bear mountain - faded-xo
white poppy - today tomorrow-s.t.

Track Listing:

black tusk
loscil · coast/range/arc
hastings sunrise
loscil · sketches from new brighton
bv dub / loscil · erebus
the day away
subtractive lad · apparatus
project fro an apartment building
pan american · cloud room, glass room
crystal lake
julianna barwick · nepenthe
imperial alabaster
connect_icut · crows & kittiwakes wheel and come again
pole · waldgeschichten 3
anagramme of my love
huerco s · colonial patterns
ghost writer
boundary · s.t.
andy stott · luxury problems
star eyes
flume · s.t.
blue hawaii · untogether
pantha du prince / bell laboratory · elements of light
lusine · the waiting room
majical cloudz · impersonator
cloud boat · book of hours
Jump Out of the Train
CFCF · Outside
machinedrum · vapor city
master plan
nightmares on wax · feelin good
Winter Solstice
Cold Specks · I Predict A Graceful Expulsion
braids · flourish // perish
enough of our machines
son lux · lanterns
a guided tour
the field · cupid's head
sweet ipressions
mum · smilewound
Bear Mountain · XO
today tomorrow
white poppy · s.t.