Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 16, 2013

Broadcast on 16-Dec-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

domotic - smith, klaus & white-seasonal greetings (comp)
bvdub / loscil - hypnos-erebus
subtractive lad - the day away-apparatus
sabota - never be-n.a.
kreidler - gas giants-tank
leandro fresco - el cruce imposible-pop ambient 2013 (comp)
cfcf - beyond light-outside
esmerine - lost river blues I-dalmak
huerco s - angel (phase)-colonial patterns
blue hawaii - try to be-untogether
ulrich schnauss - borrowed time-a long way to fall
gold panda - $950-half of where you live
tim hecker - stigmata II-virgins
lusine - by this sound-the waiting room
son lux - lost it to trying-lanterns
the field - 20 seconds of affection-cupid's head
darkside - metatron-psychic
white poppy - without answers-s.t.
cloud boat - wanderlust-book of hours
machinedrum - rise n fall-vapor city
majical cloudz - silver rings-imperonator
braids - ebben-flourish // perish
austra - i don't care i am a man-olympia
goldfrapp - ulla-tales of us
mum - sweet impressions-smilewound

Track Listing:

smith, klaus & white
domotic · seasonal greetings (comp)
bvdub / loscil · erebus
the day away
subtractive lad · apparatus
never be
sabota · n.a.
gas giants
kreidler · tank
el cruce imposible
leandro fresco · pop ambient 2013 (comp)
Beyond Light
CFCF · outside
lost river blues I
esmerine · dalmak
angel (phase)
huerco s · colonial patterns
Try To BE
Blue Hawaii · Untogether
borrowed time
ulrich schnauss · a long way to fall
gold panda · half of where you live
stigmata II
tim hecker · virgins
by this sound
lusine · the waiting room
lost it to trying
son lux · lanterns
20 seconds of affection
the field · cupid's head
darkside · psychic
without answers
white poppy · s.t.
cloud boat · book of hours
rise n fall
machinedrum · vapor city
silver rings
majical cloudz · imperonator
braids · flourish // perish
i don't care i am a man
austra · olympia
goldfrapp · tales of us
sweet impressions
mum · smilewound