Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 9, 2013

Broadcast on 09-Dec-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

bvdub / loscil - aether-erebus
throbbing gristle - the man from nowhere-the third mind movements
gas - part 1-nah und fern (konigsforst)
cfcf - jump out of the train-outside
throbbing gristle - the third mind: 1st movement-the third mind movements
esmerine - translator's clos II-dalmak
caretaker - memories live longer than dreams pt 4-sadly the future is no longer what it was
cfcf - this breath-outside
huerco s - skug commune-colonila patterns
julianna barwick - bob in your gait-the magic place
son lux - alternate world-lanterns
tim hecker - radiance-virgins
lusine - february-the waiting room
cfcf - bowl-music for objects
deadbeat - as we conquer-primordia
holy other - past tense-held
cloud boat - youthern-book of hours
white poppy - today tomorrow-s.t.
the field - no, no-cupid's head
majical cloudz - illusion-impersonator
diana - new house-perpetual surrender
goldfrapp - laurel-tales of us
darkside - paper trails-psychic
braids - juniper-flourish // perish
machine drum - seesea-vapor city
kinnie starr - we should go back-kiss it
trentemoller - gravity-lost

Track Listing:

bvdub / loscil · erebus
the man from nowhere
throbbing gristle · the third mind movements
part 1
gas · nah und fern (konigsforst)
Jump Out of the Train
CFCF · Outside
the third mind: 1st movement
throbbing gristle · the third mind movements
translator's clos II
esmerine · dalmak
memories live longer than dreams pt 4
caretaker · sadly the future is no longer what it was
this breath
cfcf · outside
skug commune
huerco s · colonila patterns
bob in your gait
julianna barwick · the magic place
alternate world
son lux · lanterns
tim hecker · virgins
lusine · the waiting room
cfcf · music for objects
as we conquer
deadbeat · primordia
past tense
holy other · held
cloud boat · book of hours
today tomorrow
white poppy · s.t.
no, no
the field · cupid's head
majical cloudz · impersonator
new house
diana · perpetual surrender
goldfrapp · tales of us
Paper Trails
Darkside · Psychic
braids · flourish // perish
machine drum · vapor city
we should go back
kinnie starr · kiss it
trentemoller · lost