Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 25, 2013

Broadcast on 25-Nov-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

loscil / bvdub - hypnos-erebus
subtractive lad - decay as a lifestyle-apparatus
andy stott - sleepless-luxury problems
deadbeat - sunday morning-primordia
huerco s - ragtime usa (warning)-colonial patterns
esmerine - lost river blues II-dalmak
darkside - heart-psychic
tim hecker - prism-virgins
cloudboat - amber road-book of hours
lusine - panoramic-the waiting room
boards of canada - cold earth-tomorrow's harvest
pan american - glass room at the airport-cloud room, glass room
juilanna berwick - adventurer of the family-nepenthe
white poppy - emotional intelligence-s.t.
burial - loner-street halo / kindred
machinedrum - dont 1 2 lose u-vapor city
arcade fire - here comes the night time-reflektor
nick cave & the bad seeds - by the time i get to phoenix-kicking against the pricks
nick cave & the bad seeds - weeping song-the good son
nick cave - night of the lotus eaters-dig, lazarus, dig
johnny cash - weeping song-american III: solitary man
neko case - night still comes-the worse things get...
braids - victoria-flourish // perish
son lux - enough of our machines-lanterns
spell - look out-lull
diana - anna-perpetual surrender

Track Listing:

loscil / bvdub · erebus
decay as a lifestyle
subtractive lad · apparatus
andy stott · luxury problems
sunday morning
deadbeat · primordia
ragtime usa (warning)
huerco s · colonial patterns
lost river blues II
esmerine · dalmak
Darkside · Psychic
tim hecker · virgins
amber road
cloudboat · book of hours
lusine · the waiting room
glass room at the airport
pan american · cloud room, glass room
adventurer of the family
juilanna berwick · nepenthe
emotional intelligence
white poppy · s.t.
burial · street halo / kindred
dont 1 2 lose u
machinedrum · vapor city
here comes the night time
arcade fire · reflektor
by the time i get to phoenix
nick cave & the bad seeds · kicking against the pricks
weeping song
nick cave & the bad seeds · the good son
night of the lotus eaters
nick cave · dig, lazarus, dig
weeping song
johnny cash · american III: solitary man
night still comes
neko case · the worse things get...
braids · flourish // perish
enough of our machines
son lux · lanterns
Look Out
Spell · Lull
Diana · Perpetual Surrender