Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 28, 2013

Broadcast on 28-Oct-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

pantha du prince / bell laboratory - spectral split-elements of light
wolfgang voigt - ruckverzauberung 7-pop ambient 2013 (comp)
esmerine - fish on land-la lechuza
huerco s - monks mound-colonial pattern
tim hecker - radiance-virgins
max richter - europe, after the rain-memoryhouse
cfcf - turnstile-music for objects
anton kubikov - ambianopolis-pop ambient 2013 (comp)
oneohtrix point never - along-r plus seven
boundary - dilemma-s.t.
tim hecker - incense at abu ghraib-virgins
laurie anderson - world without end-bright red
velvet underground + nico - all tomorrow's parties-vu
lusine - without a plan-the waiting room
pan american - fifth avenue 1960-cloud room, glass room
julianna barwick - harbringer-nepenthe
lou reed - goodby mass-magic and loss
cfcf - perfume-music for objects
blue hawaii - the other day-untogether
tim hecker - stigmata i-virgins
nico - these days-chelsea girls
braids - in kind-flourish // perish
neko case - where did i leave that fire-the worse things get...
eternal husbands - 16-s.t.
magical cloudz - this is magic-impersonator
the field - a guided tour-cupid's head
lou reed - coney island baby-between thought and expression
austra - sleep-olympia
gerty molzen - walk on the wild side-walk on the wild side e.p.

Track Listing:

spectral split
pantha du prince / bell laboratory · elements of light
ruckverzauberung 7
wolfgang voigt · pop ambient 2013 (comp)
fish on land
esmerine · la lechuza
monks mound
huerco s · colonial pattern
tim hecker · virgins
europe, after the rain
max richter · memoryhouse
cfcf · music for objects
anton kubikov · pop ambient 2013 (comp)
oneohtrix point never · r plus seven
boundary · s.t.
incense at abu ghraib
tim hecker · virgins
world without end
laurie anderson · bright red
all tomorrow's parties
velvet underground + nico · vu
without a plan
lusine · the waiting room
fifth avenue 1960
pan american · cloud room, glass room
julianna barwick · nepenthe
goodby mass
lou reed · magic and loss
cfcf · music for objects
the other day
blue hawaii · untogether
stigmata i
tim hecker · virgins
These Days
Nico · Chelsea Girls
In Kind
Braids · Flourish // Perish
where did i leave that fire
neko case · the worse things get...
eternal husbands · s.t.
this is magic
magical cloudz · impersonator
a guided tour
the field · cupid's head
coney island baby
lou reed · between thought and expression
Austra · Olympia
walk on the wild side
gerty molzen · walk on the wild side e.p.