Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 21, 2013

Broadcast on 21-Oct-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

mountains - propeller-centralia
gas - pop: part 5-nah und fern
huerco s - plucked from the ground, towards the sun-colonial patterns
cfcf - glass-music for objects
tim hecker - virginal II-virgins
huerco s - prinzif-colonial patterns
esmerine - lost river blues I-dalmak
julianna barwick - crystal lake-nepenthe
tim hecker - sketch 5-music works 114 (comp)
marina rosenfeld - new york / it's all about...-p/a hard love
jaqueline humbert & david rosenboom - talk 1-daytime viewing
eternal husbands - 16-s.t.
the field - black sea-cupid's head
braids - amends-flourish / perish
kid simpl - necklace-armour ep
brasstronaut - revelstoke dam-mean sun
mum - one smile-smilewound
mum - eternity is the wait between breath-smilewound
austra - annie (oh muse you)-olympia
trentemoller - trails-lost
blue hawaii - the other day-untogether
majical cloudz - turns turns turns-impersonator

Track Listing:

mountains · centralia
pop: part 5
gas · nah und fern
plucked from the ground, towards the sun
huerco s · colonial patterns
CFCF · Music For Objects
Virginal II
Tim Hecker · Virgins
huerco s · colonial patterns
lost river blues I
esmerine · dalmak
crystal lake
julianna barwick · nepenthe
sketch 5
tim hecker · music works 114 (comp)
new york / it's all about...
marina rosenfeld · p/a hard love
talk 1
jaqueline humbert & david rosenboom · daytime viewing
eternal husbands · s.t.
black sea
the field · cupid's head
braids · flourish / perish
kid simpl · armour ep
revelstoke dam
brasstronaut · mean sun
one smile
mum · smilewound
eternity is the wait between breath
mum · smilewound
annie (oh muse you)
austra · olympia
trentemoller · lost
the other day
blue hawaii · untogether
turns turns turns
majical cloudz · impersonator