Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 14, 2013

Broadcast on 14-Oct-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

steve moore - tyken's rift/ light echoes-light echoes
cfcf - glass-music for objects
young gods - landing-heaven desconstruction
steve moore - aldebran exchange-light echoes
einnsturrzende neub. - fiat lux-haus der lugge
cfcf - bowl-music for objects
cfcf - turnstile-music for objects
the xx - chained-coexist
steve moore - loght echoes II-loght echoes
ice-t - i must stand-music eduction...
cfcf - camera-music for objects
samplescience (Montreal) - elokrofied your mind-nightwaves vol 3
all india radio - the long goodbye-permanent evolution
steve moore - protomorphis/ ancient chorelines-light echoes
pugs and crows - we must befirend the ice queen-fantastic pictures
ritornano quellidi - eurocrime/ 5 dollars for an august moon-calibri 35
bebel gilberto - simplesmente-new sounds of brazil 2
john gregory and his orchestra - mcloud/ griff-six million dollar tv series
apollo nove - inexplicable-new sounds of brazil 2
lalo shifrin - chelsea memorandum-mission anthology

Track Listing:

tyken's rift/ light echoes
steve moore · light echoes
CFCF · Music For Objects
young gods · heaven desconstruction
aldebran exchange
steve moore · light echoes
fiat lux
einnsturrzende neub. · haus der lugge
cfcf · music for objects
cfcf · music for objects
The XX · Coexist
loght echoes II
steve moore · loght echoes
i must stand
ice-t · music eduction...
cfcf · music for objects
elokrofied your mind
samplescience (Montreal) · nightwaves vol 3
the long goodbye
all india radio · permanent evolution
protomorphis/ ancient chorelines
steve moore · light echoes
we must befirend the ice queen
pugs and crows · fantastic pictures
eurocrime/ 5 dollars for an august moon
ritornano quellidi · calibri 35
bebel gilberto · new sounds of brazil 2
mcloud/ griff
john gregory and his orchestra · six million dollar tv series
apollo nove · new sounds of brazil 2
chelsea memorandum
lalo shifrin · mission antholofy