Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 30, 2013

Broadcast on 30-Sep-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

pan-american - wing-quiet city
klaus schulze / lisa gerrard - liquid coincidence 4-farscape
julianna harwick - prize winning-the magic place
kyle bobby dunn - ending of all odds-bring me the head...
julianna barwick - pyrric-nepenthe
a winged victory for the sullen - minuet for a cheap piano-s.t.
cfcf - glass-music for objects
mohn - schwarzer schwan-s.t.
loscil - prairie trains-sketches from new brighton
blue hawaii - sierra lift-untogether
scott walker - the day the conductor died-bish bosch
david bowie - where are we now-the next day
pugs and crows - all cycles are vicious-fantastic pictures
deadbeat - public inspiration-primordia
gold panda - we work nights-half of where you live
boundary - dilema-s.t.
majical cloudz - impersonator-impersonator
cfcf - lamp-music for objects
braids - together-flourish//perish
washed out - don't give up-paracosm
austra - fire-olympia
solar year - brotherhood-waverly
dj koze - magical boy-amygdala
neko case - night still comes-the worse things get...

Track Listing:

prize of winning
julianna barwick · the magic place
CFCF · Music For Objects
schwarzer schwan
mohn · s.t.
prairie trains
loscil · sketches from new brighton
Sierra Lift
Blue Hawaii · Untogether
the day the conductor died
scott walker · bish bosch
where are we now
david bowie · the next day
all cycles are vicious
pugs and crows · fantastic pictures
public inspiration
deadbeat · primordia
we work nights
gold panda · half of where you live
boundary · s.t.
majical cloudz · impersonator
CFCF · Music For Objects
braids · flourish//perish
don't give up
washed out · paracosm
Austra · Olympia
solar year · waverly
magical boy
dj koze · amygdala
night still comes
neko case · the worse things get...