Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 23, 2013

Broadcast on 23-Sep-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

klaus schulze / lisa gerrard - liquid coincidence 7-farscape
current 93 / hoh - fields of rape and smoke-island
julianna barwick - forever-nepenthe
jonsi and alex - atlas song-riceboy sleeps
loscil - neve-coast / range / arc
current 93 / hoh - falling-island
julianna barwick - cloudbank-florine
cfcf - bowl-music for objects
j.o.m.f. - rockaway-flags of the sacred harp
tim hecker - virginal II-virgins
mitchell akiyama - through fall and flicker-small explosions that are yours to keep
cocteau twins - donimo-treasure
julianna barwick - the harbringer-nepenthe
joshua van tassel - the warmest heart-dream date
cfcf - perfume-music for objects
huerco s - plucked from the ground, towards the sun-colonial patterns
braids - together-flourish//perish
river tiber - the star falls-synapses
maria minerva - alone in amsterdam-will happiness find me
moderat - let in the light-II
solar year - abby & amber-waverly
majical clouds - childhood's end-impersonator
austra - sleep-olympia
neko case - where did i leave that fire-the worse things get, the harder...
blue hawaii - try to be-untogether
bear mountain - swim-xo
majical clouds - illusion-impersonator
braids - in kind-flourish//perish
malka spigel - ammonite-every day is like the first day
bibio - dye the water green-silver wilkinson

Track Listing:

liquid coincidence 7
klaus schulze / lisa gerrard · farscape
fields of rape and smoke
current 93 / hoh · island
Julianna Barwick · Nepenthe
atlas song
jonsi and alex · riceboy sleeps
loscil · coast / range / arc
current 93 / hoh · island
julianna barwick · florine
cfcf · music for objects
j.o.m.f. · flags of the sacred harp
Virginal II
Tim Hecker · Virgins
through fall and flicker
mitchell akiyama · small explosions that are yours to keep
cocteau twins · treasure
the harbringer
julianna barwick · nepenthe
the warmest heart
joshua van tassel · dream date
cfcf · music for objects
plucked from the ground, towards the sun
huerco s · colonial patterns
braids · flourish//perish
the star falls
river tiber · synapses
alone in amsterdam
maria minerva · will happiness find me
let in the light
moderat · II
abby & amber
solar year · waverly
childhood's end
majical clouds · impersonator
Austra · Olympia
where did i leave that fire
neko case · the worse things get, the harder...
Try To BE
Blue Hawaii · Untogether
bear mountain · xo
majical clouds · impersonator
in kind
braids · flourish//perish
malka spigel · every day is like the first day
Dye The Water Green
Bibio · Silver Wilkinson