Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 2, 2013

Broadcast on 02-Sep-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

q burns abstract - enter/ other (oeuvre)
ulrich schnauss - her and sea (a long way to fall)
subtractiv lad - of sand and stars (no man's land)
q burns abstract - bug eyed sunglasses (oeuvre)
mountains - sand/ identical ship (centralia)
biosphere - fujiko (s/t)
steve moore - tyken's rift (light echoes)
loscil - endless halls (endless halls)
Kate's mix - various (various)
chip man and Buckwheat boys - peanut butter jelly time (peanut butter jelly time)
barenakedladies - 7,8,9 (snacktime)
barenakedladies - A,B,C (snacktime)
gummibar - song and dance (bubble up)
ray charles - it's not easy being green (it's not easy being green)
mountains - circular (centraliia)
young gods - attends/ F (second nature)
loscil - estuarine (endless halls)
steve moore - allebran exchange (light echoes)
loscil - shafow's winter blackout (endless halls)
young gods - riversky (heaven deconstruction)
young gods - summer eyes (tv sky)
Midnight Band - guerilla (s/t (Gil Scot Heron/ b jackson))

Track Listing:

enter/ other
q burns abstract · oeuvre
her and sea
ulrich schnauss · a long way to fall
of sand and stars
subtractiv lad · no man's land
bug eyed sunglasses
q burns abstract · oeuvre
sand/ identical ship
mountains · centralia
biosphere · s/t
tyken's rift
steve moore · light echoes
endless halls
loscil · endless halls
Kate's mix · various
peanut butter jelly time
chip man and Buckwheat boys · peanut butter jelly time
barenakedladies · snacktime
barenakedladies · snacktime
song and dance
gummibar · bubble up
it's not easy being green
ray charles · it's not easy being green
mountains · centraliia
attends/ F
young gods · second nature
loscil · endless halls
allebran exchange
steve moore · light echoes
shafow's winter blackout
loscil · endless halls
young gods · heaven deconstruction
summer eyes
young gods · tv sky
Midnight Band · s/t (Gil Scot Heron/ b jackson)