Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 5, 2013

Broadcast on 05-Aug-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

veloce - navigator (s.t.)
pantha du prince & the bell laboratory - particle (elements of light)
electroluminescent - callar (oban)
loscil - stave peak (coast / range / arc)
ohrwert - beaufort range (ranges)
loscil - hastings sunrise (sketches from new brighton)
pan american - the cloud room (cloud room, glass room)
boards of canada - jacquard causeway (tomorrow's harvest)
peaking lights - lo hi (lucifer)
mount kimbie - blood and form (cold spring fault less youth)
arc-lab - carrots not sticks (nineteen floors)
millimetrik - le libraire du mont d'iberville (northwest passage's new era)
getatchew mekurya - shellela / aha gedawo (ethiopiques 14 - negus of ethiopian sax)
fascade @ 137 db - finger traps (character of the moment)
ulrich schnauss - borrowed time (a long way to fall)
gold panda - junk city (half of where you live)
bear mountain - survive (xo)
river tiber - atlantis (synapses)
austra - we become (olympia)
bibio - a tout a l'heure (silver wilkinson)
unklnik - garden of earth (barefeat presents (comp))

Track Listing:

veloce · s.t.
pantha du prince & the bell laboratory · elements of light
electroluminescent · oban
stave peak
loscil · coast / range / arc
beaufort range
ohrwert · ranges
hastings sunrise
loscil · sketches from new brighton
the cloud room
pan american · cloud room, glass room
jacquard causeway
boards of canada · tomorrow's harvest
lo hi
peaking lights · lucifer
blood and form
mount kimbie · cold spring fault less youth
carrots not sticks
arc-lab · nineteen floors
le libraire du mont d'iberville
millimetrik · northwest passage's new era
shellela / aha gedawo
getatchew mekurya · ethiopiques 14 - negus of ethiopian sax
finger traps
fascade @ 137 db · character of the moment
borrowed time
ulrich schnauss · a long way to fall
junk city
gold panda · half of where you live
Bear Mountain · XO
river tiber · synapses
We Become
Austra · Olympia
a tout a l'heure
bibio · silver wilkinson
garden of earth
unklnik · barefeat presents (comp)