Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 10, 2013

Broadcast on 10-Jun-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

stars of the lid - taphead
loscil - city hospital
pan american - project for an apartment building
intermission audio lab - hole in my pocket
mountains - liana
cap'm stargazer - perspective
ohrwert - philips range
triola - jean vigo
mouse on mars - the beach stop
peaking lights - birds of paradise
dj koze - ich schreib dir ein buch
hiawatha - permission part II
seefeel - charlotte's mouth
brasstronaut - hymn for huxley
blue hawaii - sierra lift
dan deacon - rail
cold specks - hector
mathew dear - up & out
the verbrilli sound - te miro
malka spigel - see it sideways
bonobo - ten tigers
gavin froome - architect
pvt - electric
river tiber - atlantis
suuns - music won't save you

Track Listing:

stars of the lid · the ballested orchestra
city hospital
loscil · city hospital ep
project for an apartment building
pan american · cloud room, glass room
hole in my pocket
intermission audio lab · high commission
mountains · centralia
cap'm stargazer · welcome to lotus land (compilation )
philips range
ohrwert · ranges
jean vigo
triola · pop ambient 2013 (compilation)
the beach stop
mouse on mars · parastrophics
birds of paradise
peaking lights · 936
ich schreib dir ein buch
dj koze · amygdala
permission part II
hiawatha · language
charlotte's mouth
seefeel · excusions in ambience: the third dimension
hymn for huxley
brasstronaut · mean sun
Sierra Lift
Blue Hawaii · Untogether
dan deacon · america
cold specks · i predict a graceful expulsion
up & out
mathew dear · beams
te miro
the verbrilli sound · many coloured butterflies
see it sideways
malka spigel · every day is like the first day
ten tigers
bonobo · the north borders
gavin froome · mobile villager
pvt · homosapien
river tiber · synapses
music won't save you
suuns · images du futur