Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 20, 2013

Broadcast on 20-May-2013

8:00am - 10:50am

planetarium music - intro, terrible (s/t)
john beltram - collage of dreams (punta del este sunset)
sun twins - big dream ("""")
crownland - are you there butch/ (s/t)
crownland - city of gardens (s/t)
Majeure - solar maximum (solar maximum)
planetarium music - another world (s/t)
crownland - rivers and a canyon (s/t)
soma - shambhala (the inner cinema)
majeuer - extreme northern lights (solar maximum)
planetarium music - neighbor (s/t)
steve moore - tyken's rift (light echoes)
flume - stay close (s/t)
steve moore - light echoes (loght echoes)
subtractivlad - hesperus is phosphorus (kindred)
Mountains - sand (thrill jockey) (centralia)
heiki - trademark (paper + sound)
various - theme from... ( taxi driver)
frank zapa - theme from Duke of Prunes (mystery disc)
martin denny - jungle madness (mondo exotica)
moog cookbook - ziggy stardust (1997) (classic rock hits)
JOhn Shroeder Orch. - bird has flown (house fo loungecore)
hollyridge strings - shaft (on the rocks - ultralounge)
nic raine and Prague philharmonic - streets of san francisco (cult files revisted)
moog cookbook - hotel california (classic rock hits)
david mccallum - mellow yellow (classic rock hits)
Roy Budd and his orchestra - the car chase (house of lungecore II)
EAsy all stars - time (dub side of the moon)
moog cookbook - rock and roll all night (classic rock hits)