Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 4, 2013

Broadcast on 04-Feb-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

godspeed you black emperor, fist full of snacks, scott walker, mountains, eternal tapestry, learning, beak, beans, raime, andy stott, brambles, joshua van tassel, bersarin quartet, pugs and crows, christian fennesz, teen daze, ursprung, do make say think, malka spigel, spell, the luyas & echo lake

Track Listing:

godspeed you black emperor · allelujah, don't bend ascend
a river
fist full of snacks · of course the journey
scott walker · bisch bosh
mountains · centralia
the weird stone
eternal tapestry · a world out of time
destroy nations
learning · kant
wulfstan II
beak · >>
beans · 63:19
exist in the repeat of practice
raime · quarter turns over a living line
andy stott · luxury problems
such owls as you
brambles · charcoal
holy war
various (joshua van tassle) · backward music vol 1
einsame wandern im sternen saal
bersarin quartet · II
sam and sara
pugs and crows · fantastic pictures
christian fennesz · aun: the beginning and end of all things
the heart of god
teen daze · inner mansions
ohne worte
ursprung · s.t.
if i only
do make say think · s.t.
two dimensions in a single frame
malka spigel · every day is like the first day
Spell · Lull
the luyas · animator
echo lake · wild peace