Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 28, 2013

Broadcast on 28-Jan-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

stars of the lid, subtractive lad, chilly gonzales, windy and carl, nils frahm, malka spigel, subtractive lad, kyle bobby dunn, dalot, peaking lights, johann johannsson, brian mcbride, fist full o' snacks, atom, aerosol, raime, pugs and crows, port-royal, hiawatha, monolake, holy other, dan deacon, 2:54, spell, birnbach/Lew, fluxion, broadcast, the luyas & white poppy

Track Listing:

be little with me
stars of the lid · gravitational pull vs....
safety in numbers
subtractive lad · suture
chilly gonzales · solo piano II
the smell of old books
windy and carl · we will always be
nils frahm · felt
back in the old city
malka spigel · every day is like a new day
of sand and stars
subtractive lad · no man's land
canticle of votier's flats
kyle bobby dunn · bring me the head of...
view from a hill
dalot · loop over latitudes
Beautiful son
Peaking lights · Lucifer
johann johannsson · and in the endless pause there came the sound of bees
Girl Nap
Brian McBride · The Effective Disconnect
i'm brave
fist full o' snacks · of course the journey
drei schneewalzer: II & III
atom · winterreise
Aerosol · Airborne
the last foundary
raime · quarter turns over a living line
all cycles are vicious
pugs and crows · fantastic pictures
anna ustinova
port-royal · dying in time
permission part II
hiawatha · language
internal clock
monolake · silence
holy other · held
usa: rail
dan deacon · america
2:54 · s.t.
guided highways
spell · lull
pouquoi que je vis
various (birnbach & Lew) · made to measure vol 19
no man is an island
fluxion · traces
black cat
broadcast · the tender trap
the quiet way
the luyas · animator
I Had a Dream
White Poppy · I Had a Dream