Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 21, 2013

Broadcast on 21-Jan-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

jon hassell, michael brook, learning, mere mortals, jon hassell/farafina, dark orchard, nihiti, the kilimanjaro dark jazz ensemble, kyle bobby dunn, atom, andy stott, beef terminal, malka spigel, insideamind, tarwater, heiki, ametsub, spell, the luyas, b. fleischmann, maria minerva, mathew dear & white poppy

Track Listing:

blues nile
jon hassell · vernal equinox
empire III
jon hassell · aka/darbari/java: magic realism
michael brook · cobalt blue
paris I
jon hassell · the surgeon of the night sky
guns around here
learning · kant
skip wave
michael brook · cobalt blue
time and place
jon hassell · last night the moon...
mere mortals · ethnic dub simmphony in ten parts
jon hassell/farafina · flash of the spirit
dark orchard · s.t.
eisenbahnstrasse, jan 1st 1946
nihiti · for ostland
all is one
the kilimanjaro dark jazz ensemble · from the stairwell
an evening with dusty
kyle bobby dunn · bring me the head...
atom · winterreise
andy stott · luxury problems
january sun
beef terminal · the isolationist
andy stott · passed me by
see it sideways
malka spigel · every day is like the first day
whispering through windows
insideamind · scatterpopia
inside the ships
tarwater · inside the ships
screen door
heiki · paper+sound
time for trees
ametsub · the nothings of the north
Look Out
Spell · Lull
the luyas · animator
who emptied the river
b. fleischmann · i'm not ready for the grave yet
the sound
Maria Minerva · will happiness find me
up & out
mathew dear · beams
White Poppy · I Had a Dream