Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 19, 2012

Broadcast on 19-Nov-2012

8:00am - 11:00am

intro - intro (nightwaves vol. 3)
dry heeves (fredericton) - what planet is this ("""")
andrew duke (halifax) - aloe (""""")
v. underground wolsfville NS - youve come a long way baby (""""")
psychic pollution - track 5 (deconstructed arch.)
sample science Montr. - elkrofied your mind (nightwaves vol 3)
lady charerly's hvercraft - greeble schwee ("""")
brian eno - passing over (mps)
mescaline wroms - foreplay (nightwaves vol. 3)
brian eno - track 5 (another day)
brian ferry - hiroshina (mp3)
air - alone in kyoto (mp3)
Matthew Dear - track 5 (Beams)
nihiti - eisenbahnstrasse (for ostrland)
psychic pollution - track 8 (deconstructed architecture)
calamalka - take a hit (all the way up)
amin tobin - theme from battery (mp3)
cinematic orchestra - entracte (in motion #1)
nihiti - sun shatterer (for ostrland)
nils petter mulvaer - platonic years (khmer)
arc lab - boreal (mp3)
air - night hunter/ run (mp3)
ulrich schnauss/ mark peters - gift horse's mouth/ underrated silence (under rated silence)
basement jaxx - check the fuse (,p3)
bertrand bergalat - lthe pay imaginaire (mp3)
bebel gilberto - river song (mp3)
gnarls barkley - charity case / who is going to save my soul (the odd couple)
bertrand bergalat - sunshine yellow (mp3)
bertrand bergalat - aux cyclades electronique (mp3)
april march - mignonette (mp3)
gnarls barkley - run (the odd couple)
booker t - hey ya (mp3)

Track Listing:

intro · nightwaves vol. 3
what planet is this
dry heeves (fredericton) · """"
andrew duke (halifax) · """""
youve come a long way baby
v. underground wolsfville NS · """""
track 5
psychic pollution · deconstructed arch.
elkrofied your mind
sample science Montr. · nightwaves vol 3
greeble schwee
lady charerly's hvercraft · """"
passing over
brian eno · mps
mescaline wroms · nightwaves vol. 3
track 5
brian eno · another day
brian ferry · mp3
alone in kyoto
air · mp3
track 5
Matthew Dear · Beams
nihiti · for ostrland
track 8
psychic pollution · deconstructed architecture
theme from battery
amin tobin · mp3
cinematic orchestra · in motion #1
sun shatterer
nihiti · for ostrland
platonic years
nils petter mulvaer · khmer
arc lab · mp3
night hunter/ run
air · mp3
gift horse's mouth/ underrated silence
ulrich schnauss/ mark peters · under rated silence
check the fuse
basement jaxx · ,p3
lthe pay imaginaire
bertrand bergalat · mp3
river song
bebel gilberto · mp3
charity case / who is going to save my soul
gnarls barkley · the odd couple
sunshine yellow
bertrand bergalat · mp3
aux cyclades electronique
bertrand bergalat · mp3
april march · mp3
gnarls barkley · the odd couple
hey ya
booker t · mp3