Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 29, 2012

Broadcast on 29-Oct-2012

8:18am - 8:18am

leyland kirby, the caretaker, tim hecker, chilly gonzales, nils frahm, brian mcbride, johann johannsson, cfcf, windy and carl, loscil, kyle bobby dunn, terre thaemlitz, demdike stare, nihiti, deadbeat, monolake, mc 900ft jesus, sonic youth, m83, vardensphere, beak>, maria minerva & sissy.

Track Listing:

the sound of music vanishing
leyland kirby · sadly the future is no longer what it was: Disc 1
when the dog days were drawing to an end
the caretaker · patience: after sebald
sketch 1
tim hecker · dropped pianos
chilly gonzales · solo piano-II
nils frahm · felt
melodrames telegraphies
brian mcbride · the effective disconnect
the gift
johann johannsson · and in the endless pause there came the sound of bees
exercise 7 (loss)
cfcf · exercises
the smell of old books
windy and carl · we will always be
Loscil · Sketches from New Brighton
kyle bobby dunn · bring me the head of kyle bobby dunn
terre thaemlitz · couture cosmetiques
we have already died
demdike stare · elemental
eisenbahnstrasse, jan 1st 1946
nihiti · for ostland
wolves and angels
deadbeat · eight
null pointer
monolake · silence
new moon
mc 900ft jesus · one step ahead of the spider
in the kingdom #19
sonic youth · evol
car chase terror
M83 · before the dawn heals us
chasing the dragon
vardensphere · apok
wulfstan II
beak> · >>
maria minerva · will happiness find me
all a waste
sissy · march of the humans