Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 3, 2012

Broadcast on 03-Sep-2012

8:00am - 11:03am

demdike stare, netherworld, atom, kyle bobby dunn, windy and carl, cfcf, nihiti, a winged victory for the sullen, kandodo, dark orchard, dead can dance, mantrakid, peaking lights, dead can dance, zammuto, deadbeat, ametsub, sandoz, future sound of london, labradford, purity ring, sissy, paranerd, christian loffler, yppah, humans, dewalta & peaking lights.

Track Listing:

demdike stare · elemental
aurora performs its last show
netherworld · over the summit
streuung: part 1
atom · winterreise
kyle bobby dunn · bring me the head of kyle bobby dunn
the smell of old books
windy and carl · we will always be
exercise 5 (september)
cfcf · exercises
hymn divisions
nihiti · for ostland
steep hills of vicodin tears
a winged victory for the sullen · s.t.
kandodo · s.t.
dark orchard · s.t.
circumradiant dawn
dead can dance · spleen and ideal
the king
mantrakid · dragon lullabies
dead can dance · anastasis
Peaking Lights · 936
zammuto · s.t.
deep in country
deadbeat · journeyman's journal
faint dazzlings
ametsub · the nothings of the north
various (sandoz) · one a.d.
deep into your subconscience i slide
various (future sound of london) · excursions in ambience: the third dimension
the church song
various (labradford) · excursions in ambience: the fourth frontier
purity ring · shrins
all a waste
sissy · march of the humans
paranerd · anyone will do
pale skin
christian loffler · a forest
film burn
yppah · eighty one
Humans · Traps
dewalta · wander
live long
peaking lights · lucifer