Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 13, 2012

Broadcast on 13-Aug-2012

8:00am - 11:00am

subtractive lad, popol vuh, arkin allen/jetone, klaus schulze/lisa gerrard, dead can dance, adham shaikh, supreme cuts, dead can dance, mantra kid, dead can dance, nihiti, cindytalk, dead can dance, wassabi collective, freeworm, scanner, austra, grimes, peaking lights, kishi bashi, white poppy, lisa gerrard & grimes.

Track Listing:

each other in darkness
subtractive lad · where the land meets the sky
hosiana mantra (1972)
popol vuh · hosiana mantra
various (arkin allen & jetone) · interior horizons
liquid coincidence part 4
klaus schulze / lisa gerrard · farscape
dead can dance · spleen and ideal
adham shaikh · journey to the sun
supreme cuts · trouble ep
dead can dance · anastasis
dead can dance · within the realm of the dying sun
the king
mantra kid · dragon lullabies
return of the she king
dead can dance · anastasis
the host of the seraphim
dead can dance · the serpent's egg
sun shatterer
nihiti · for ostland
joining the fire
nihiti · for ostland
empty hand
cindytalk · wappinshaw
the song of the sibyl
dead can dance · aion
belly up
wassabi collective · stories not forgotten
rumbling in the sun
Freeworm · vegetation = fuel
anna livia plurabelle
scanner · rockets, unto the edges of edges
Shoot the Water
Austra · Feel It Break
grimes · geidi primes
beautiful sun
peaking lights · lucifer
bright whites
kishi bashi · 151a
in the window
white poppy · i had a dream
lisa gerrard · the silver tree
symphonia IX (my wait is you)
grimes · visions