Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 9, 2012

Broadcast on 09-Jul-2012

8:00am - 11:00am

yppah, cfcf, jon hassel, rick holland/brian eno, brian eno/peter schwalm, ae lab, marcus fischer, dead can dance, illuma, william shatner, brasstronaut, balkan boom box, gal costa, orange alabaster mush, galactic, peter thomas & asteroid galaxy tour.

Track Listing:

blue schwindr song
yppah · 81
cfcf · excercises
cfcf · excercises
r mullen
yppah · 81
cfcf · excercises
cfcf · ""
cfcf · ""
dressing for pleasure
jon hassel · blue screen
in the future
rick holland/ brian eno · panic of looking
not a story, night and day
"" · ""
sounds alien,
rick holland/ brina eno · drums between the bells
night traffic/ rising dust
eno/ J. Peter Schwalm · drawn from life
pour it out
rick holland/ brian eno · drumes between the bells
watch a single swallow
""" · panic of looking
eno/ J. Peter Schwalm · drawn from life
and try to fit its motion
rick holland/ brian eno · panic of looking
AE Lab · st
track 7
marcus fischer · collected dust
how forntunate the man with none
dead can dance · into the labyrinth
uilluma · shizuku
major tom
william shatner · seeking major tom
brasstronaut · mean sun
suki muki
Balkan Boom box · give
barato total
gal costa · samba soul 70
aim the the vidnama to the dorain sector
orange allabaster mushroom · EP
maeglenha/ out on the street
Galactic · carnival electricos
caught at midnight
peter thomas · futuremusik
major/ hear attack
Asteroids galaxy tour · out of frequency
push the envelope
""" · fruit
the sun aint shining no more
""" · fruit